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tear apart是分成一部分,是整齐的分开的

tear apart 英 [tiə əˈpɑ:t]美 [tɛr əˈpɑrt] 扯开;把…弄乱;使心碎;把…痛苦地分开

对不起  我已经尽力了

Pull my heart out of my chest Train my mind so I forget Sink your teeth into my bones Dig me out then fill the hole Tear me apart Tear...

I don't care, go on and tear me apartI don't care if you do'Cause in a sky, cause in a sky full of starsI think I saw you'Cause you're...

根据你的补充说明,我可以很负责的肯定的说: 编词人是想用tear sb. apart 根据上下文,女的把男的给甩了,对于心痛男方的来说就相当于自己“被女的给扯碎了一般”--心都碎了 所以she'll tear you apart的翻译可为: 她让你痛心疾首/心碎 希望有帮...

It don't matter. 不是符合语法的英语,应当是 It doesn't matter. 但口语或非正式场合(比如歌词)里会比较常见这种用法。

l want a fucking tear you a part 词典结果 l want a fucking tear you a part 我要他妈的把你的一部分

Frankmusik - Wrecking Ball Baby you let me down I’m closing the door I can’t bear to see Your sweet eyes anymore Every second that I stay I’m sinking further in To your clever little games And the heartache that they bring Don’...

歌曲名:Don't Tear Me Apart 歌手:Rookie Of The Year 专辑:The Most Beautiful Rookie Of The Year - Don't Tear Me Apart Will you roll with me tonight? See the city lights Talk about angels Talk about you and me So this is what I kn...

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