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谚语 [词典] proverb; saying; adage; saw; aphorism; [例句]他引用了一个中国谚语,大意是不应对邻居心存恶念之类的。 He cited a Chinese proverb to the effect that you should never wish ill on your neighbour.

有一句谚语 There's a proverb 正如谚语所说: As the proverb goes

你好! 正如谚语所说 As the saying goes

分享个不错的答案。 俗话说的好... As the proverb goes/As the saying goes/If a leader sets a bad example If a leader sets a bad example, it will be followed by his subordinates. 俗话说:上梁不正下梁歪。 As the proverb goes, time ...

A cat may look at aking.猫也有权晋见国王 A living dog is better than a dead lion.一条活狗胜过一头死狮. All the cats are grey in the dark. 猫在暗中都是灰色的。 Care killed the cat 忧虑缠身 The cat and dog may kiss, yet are none ...

【解析】:"As a proverb says." 【造句】: Just as a famous saying, many people step in your life, but only true friends leave footprints. 正如一句谚语所说:很多人会在在你的生活中驻足,但只有真正的朋友才会留下足迹。 As a ( very)...


两种常用说法 It wasn't me. I did not do it.


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