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Had the metaphors in history, human want to unite

中西悲剧的不同 (一)主人公的不同 西方古典悲剧的主人公一般都为强者。如普罗米修斯,俄狄浦斯,马

one-step services is using for increasing effiency

We are always on the road/way. road 和 way 都可以=_=

What is my Chinese name? What is my English name?

口语化一点,标准交流中:I don't give a damn 实在要翻也行:I don&

太长了 翻译不过来

你好! On the evening of April 12, began to appear,

The Coca-Cola company USES the performance apprais

London's Metropolitan Police are busy for a se

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