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ranked top ten 前十名 ranked top xx前几名

rank in top ten

The top ten students ranked by the examination results. The top ten students in the examination results / ranking.

Top 10 进入前十名就是 in to Top 10

1.《22》 2.《Diamonds》 3.《skyfall》 4.《my heart will go on》 5.《halo》 6.《boy friend》 7.《ho hey》 8.《big big world》 9.《rolling in the deep》 10.《call me maybe》 介个一直都在变的,我可说不准的哦。

famous 英 [ˈfeɪməs] 美 [ˈfeməs] adj. 著名的,出名的;〈古〉一流的,极好的 比较级: more famous 最高级: most famous 双语例句 New Orleans is famous for its cuisine. 新奥尔良以其美食而著称。

这太难排了,Taylor Swift-We Are Never Ever Getting Back,Owl City-Live It Up,Avril Lavigne-Complicated,Justin Bieber-Stuck In The Moment,Taio Cruz-Break You Heart,One Direction-One Thing,WestLife-Beautiful World,Kelly Cla...

这个不用排列了 找个化学专业的就可以了,有机大分子一个单词几千个字母都有可能

这样的话题在美剧吧能让各路粉丝打起来,我就随便写了 Friends Lost Prison Break Vampire Diary Gossip Girl 2 Broke Girls The Big Bang Theory Desperate Housewives SHIELD Person of Interest

【Billboard Top 10】 1 Locked Out Of Heaven Bruno Mars 2 Diamonds Rihanna 3 Die Young Ke$ha 4 Ho Hey The Lumineers 5 One More Night Maroon 5 6 I Cry Flo Rida 7 Home Phillip Phillips 8 Some Nights Fun. 9 Beauty And A Beat Justin...

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