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Thanksgiving Day is the most truly American of the national Holidays in the United States and is most closely connected with the earliest history of the country. 感恩节是美国国定假日中最地道、最美国式的节日,而且它和早期美国历...

英文发音:[θæŋksˈgɪvɪŋ].[dei] 中文发音:三克丝给钨英得 希望对你有所帮助!

The origin of the Thanksgiving 每年11月份的第四个星期四是Thanksgiving Day(感恩节)。Every year the fourth Thursday in November is Thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving Day).它是美国人民独创的一个节日。It is the American people's orig...

Thanks Giving day

After the europeans had first arrived at the new continent as known as America today, the Indians gave them living necessaries and tought them how to hunting, fishing and planting. In order to thank the natives, the europeans i...

你好! Thanksgiving Day n. 感恩节; [例句]Though we are not with you but we miss you all on this Thanksgiving day. 虽然感恩节你不能和我们在一起,但是我们会想念你的。

Thanksgiving day is the united states and canada, the festival. it originated in more than 300 years ago a shipment of 100 many immigrants from europe to america, hunger and cold it is difficult to live, and most people in the ...

thanksgiving day 感恩节 talk turkey 打开窗户说亮话 have a turkey on (one's) back 喝醉酒,吸毒 red as a turkey cock 气的满面通红 thanksgiving dinner 感恩节正餐 thanksgiving turkey 感恩节火鸡

感恩节的由来 The origin of Thanksgiving 望采纳!谢谢!

您好,领学网为您解答: Thanksgiving 英 [ˌθæŋks'ɡɪvɪŋ] 美 [θæŋksˈɡɪvɪŋ] n.感恩节;(常小写)(对神的)感谢,感恩祈祷 Thanksgiving Day n.感恩节 望采纳!

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